OK, I as planning on putting this to one side until I had most of the new skinnie stuff out the way but after I had washed everything down I figured what harm could there be in assembling just the weapons before I put it under the table?

Well, a few hours later seems I got a little carried away! LOL

Anyhow, goes together like a dream, no real warp-age issues, only a few bent Gatling cannon barrels soon rectified with some hot water. Clan up as a dream too, I managed to keep dust down to a minimum by using clippers and a craft knife, hardly any sanding required.

I have pinned a few parts so it is easy to break down for transport, painting, etc. Also allows for a few different poses if required.

Its a real heavyweight, weighs in at 2 1/2 KG! height 16 inches, width 9 inches.

I will try and keep a painting blog running seeing as I failed miserably on the building blog!