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    SonGokuSpirits Dragon Ball Z Quiz

    Yeah, Ok. So I am not exactly SonGoku but I do know a fair amount Z. Don't expect any questions from Dragonball or GT. Z is my specialised Topic.

    I will ask a few questions and who ever gets the most right is allowed to make a wish on the DragonBalls (Dende Agreed).


    1: Name the LAST Four Saiyans in the universe.
    2: Who destroyed the Saiyan Race?
    3: Name the Giant Monkey they turn into in a full moon.
    4: Name All them members of Gokus Family.
    5: What is Piccilos Homeworld Called?
    6: Who killed Cell?
    7: How?
    8: Who Freizer Kill in the Z fighters?
    9: Who became a Super Saiyan Level one as a reult?

    Now the really easy one that gets you laughed at if ya get it Wrong.
    Spelling it wrong will cost you the point as well. (extra humiliation)

    10: Name the fat pink b*stard who changed about twenty times before finally getting killed by Goku.

    (Disclaimer: Your wish upon the Dragonballs is the repsonsibility of Dende and is in no way SonGokuSpirits problem. If your wish comes true then it is purely concidential.)

    Have fun kids.
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