So, another day another Project! I was hoping to get my Secrets of the Third Reich stuff finished before even starting another project but as of 13.08 yesterday the clock on this is now ticking. At that time I ordered my ticket for Heat 1 of the UK WFB GT, and having sold off my ogres, and refusing to add anything to my warriors of chaos army until the actual book comes out, Iím in need of 2000 points of WFB to send marauding around the field of the GT.

Iíve decided to run with an all forest spirit wood elf army. Itís something Iíve been wanting to do for a while as I really like a lot of the models, and the wood elf tactics are such a divergence from other WFB armies there should be a new challenge. Of course itís unlikely Iíll be able to get any practice games in before the GT so will have to hope that I can remember how all those forest spirit armies that kicked my ogres collective heads in over the years went about it!

First up is the Dryad I painted as test model for the army. It uses a micro-art studios resin base (plus various clump foliages) and plenty of citadel washes. You may have seen the dryad elsewhere on the forum as I tried to ascertain whether I liked the result or not, but now Iím happy to press ahead.

Last night I assembled 4 treekin who are going to get similar treatment this week. Iíve also got 3 units of 8 dryads, drycha and 2 converted branchwraiths, 2 treemen and 6 wildriders waiting to be built and painted.

The treemen are going to be built from the plastic GW trees with copious amounts of greenstuff thrown in for good measure, and the wildriders are going to be centaurs as I think itís a little more in keeping with the forest spirt/fae-folk aesthetic than some drugged up elves

The GT is on the 4th-5th October and so far I have 1 model for the army painted. Time to get going!