I played only a few battles the past years, on a green piece of cloth, and always felt there was something lacking. Of course, this was a really beautiful made battlefield. After long consideration, I started to work on one of my own this week.

First I collected information on the internet and made plan. I don't have much space, so I needed to consider that.

I already had a kitchentable, of which I sawed the legs in half. The table now is aproximately 50 cm high from the ground. I like playing on this height, it gives you a wonderful birdseye view of the battlefield. I also allowes you to sit in a comfortable chair while playing. I can store the table in the basement.

On top of that I put a mdf board measuring 190 x 110 cm and 20 mm thick. To make the table solid.
I put self adherent metalic plastic on top of one side. This table is wonderful for playing Space Hulk. I'm gonna show a picture of it later. I put the green cloth on top of that, because I don't want this side of the table to get damaged.
On top of that are two mdf boards measuring 120 x 150 cm and 12 mm thick. So the table is roughly 240 x 15 cm in dimensions...
I have just enough room to fit these boards in a small spare space, standin up.

I bought woodglue (750 ml) and a bag of sand (25 kg). I glued on the sand and let it dry overnight. Today I whiped of the exess sand and started to paint the table black, with watered down acryl paint. This now has to dry. I will continue tomorrow.