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    Chaos Pact Career Path

    So, I'm getting prepped for a new league with a much anticipated Chaos Pact team and have the starting roster all set up and ready to go! Everyone starts off at zero Fan Factor and I don't need something too diverse to begin with as it's good to start things off slow, but I'd enjoy some input on the team I've got and afterwards, which players to hire first, second, etc.

    Minotaur - 150,000
    9x Marauders - 450,000
    Skaven - 50,000
    5x Re-Rolls - 350,000

    Total - 1,000,000

    Yes, I need to purchase an apothecary ASAP, but I can easily accomplish that bit after the first game. Skilless Marauders, after all, are pretty expendable anyways.

    I'm rather satisfied with this roster to start off with, but am a little bit stuck on whom I should be hiring on next to get a decent idea for when the league starts up. Should I concentrate on the smaller players first, or the other two Big Guys, or mix and match? Any thoughts?

    For those who aren't familiar with the list, besides the positions I've already filled up I have access to a Dark Elf, an extra Marauder, a Goblin, a Troll, and an Ogre to fill up the rest of the spaces on the team's roster. I'd enjoy hearing your guys' thoughts on this and any others you might have on the newest experimental teams in general!

    - Cirrus
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