This is my 2000pts wood elf list. Please tell me what you think.

Heroes- 658 points

278- Highborn +wildrider kindred+steed+amaranthine brooch+spear of twilight
150- lvl 2 mage + dispel scroll
140- lvl1 mage + 2x dispel scrolls
90- Branchwraithe+ Radients.

Core- 336

120-10x glade guard
120-10x glade guard
96-8x dryads

Special- 845
160-4x warhawk riders
280-4x treekin+ ancient
162- 9x wardancers
243- 7x wild riders+full command+ warbanner


144- 6x waywatchers

Points- 1973

I dont know what to do with the last 17 points, so help would be very useful.