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Thread: Lt. cleans his closet and starts painting.

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    Lt. cleans his closet and starts painting.

    Hello all,

    I'll be using this log to keep myself motivated and get some feedback from the community. I've recently gotten back into the hobby after taking a four year break. My main project now is a pre-heresy space marine army combining the Luna Wolves and the Emperor's Children. However I am about to start medical school and as such I am low on funds, so I am taking all the old models I had accumulated and painting them to sell. I have made a deal with myself that I don't get something new till I sell something old so hopefully that will keep me motivated. Thats what this log will mainly be, me painting my old random models to get rid of, and maybe once in a while some pre-heresy marines.

    First up is a hammerhead from my old tau army. All that it had originally was a spotty base coat of dark green but I cleaned it up, added a camo scheme and highlighted it. It took a long time but I am pleased with the results.

    Next up was a box of Kroot warriors. I painted one for a test and would like to know what you think of the cream colored belly on the green model. I have not painted it on the other 15 kroot yet and wanted some feedback before I started painting again.

    Test model

    Thats it for now. Thanks for looking and I would appreciate any comments or criticism.
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