Hey everyone,

So I have played my 3rd league game (first time in a league) and my Skaven team (The Warpstone Stars) and a spectacular 0 - 3! I have amassed a massive 18 SPP across my entire team 15 of which have come from my team's MVP at the end of the game (who oddly enough have some how managed to land on the same linerat each time! ) In my last game I saw the death of my latest Gutter Runner purchase. As my team stands it has:

1 Thrower
3 Gutter Runners
1 Storm Vermin
7 Linerats

6 Fanfactor
3 Rerolls


Treasury: 60K

I`m in serious need of help.

I have been trying to get my thrower SPP by throwing short passes but its not goign very well. I`m not able to hold teh ball then, and getting it back is a bugger. I`ve tried the running game, but my opponents know the speed of skaven and keep enough tougher guys back to get in their faces.

Can I get 2 things from you guys please. the first is what is the best way to accmulate SPP with Skaven. And the best way to use skaven

Many many thanks!