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    Angels of Redemption

    This is going to be my rather slow Angels of Redemption plog.

    I have always loved the Dark Angel fluff. But I thought they look at little too dark to really look good, plus Ravenwing and Deathwing are black and bone coloured so the whole effect - green black and white is a little messy.

    After a few hours of flicking through the DA codex and reading through the Successor Chapter fluff. I decided that the Angels of Redemption were the ones for me.

    I have quite a few marine's hanging around in my cupboard so I had a bit of a dig and brought it all to the surface and when I added it all up it came to a 1000 points.

    The last problem was the colour scheme... split colour schemes... alot of people loathe them. I wasn't convinced I could carry it off. I decided though so long as I kept the green fairly light and the bone fairly dark I should be laughing.

    Index of Posts....
    Colours Described
    First Squad Finished
    Dreadnaught Finshed
    Whirlwind Finished
    Landspeeder Finished
    Terminator Squad Finished
    Army Finished

    So this guy is my tester...

    I was pretty satisfied with this. So I pressed on (about 6 months after painting the tester).

    This is the one single tactical squad the force contains (ahem) and Sammy on his rocket ship behind.

    And this is the other half, a dread with a plasma cannon, a whirlwind and 6 bikers. Oh yeah and a speeder.

    I really like with the split colour scheme. As a group they balance out the whole "is it a white army? Or is it a green one?" factor.

    Okay that's it for now. Hope you like them...

    And I hope you repent as well! because tomorrow you, um, YOU DIE!
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