Hey thanks for you all your comments and general positivity!

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great looking models

what colours are you using for the greens they look awsome i can never get green highlights to look right.

The green is....

Basecoat is Orkhide Green - This foundation is basically DA green without all gloss.

The main coat is 1 part each of Orkhide, Snot Green and Goblin Green all mixed up. I leave some basecoat in the recesses.

First highlight is Goblin Green.

Second highlight is Scorpion Green.

If I have botched the highlights in some places like the crest on the helmet or between armour plates then I put in some black wash and use my fingure to take away the excess.

The "bone"...

Basecoat Calthan Brown.

Main Coat Dheneb Stone. leaving some Calthan brown exposed.

Washed with Devlan mud.

A second coat of Dheneb Stone again just to tidy up the wash.

Highlighted with Skull White.

Using the foundation paints keeps the colour quite matt and makes the marines look more like a wargames figure than a toy. Plus it goes on really easily. The bone looks a bit plain compared to the green I know but once I get to more complex stuff like terminators or the dread it will look good.