Hey guys thanks for all the positive comments.

The dread is more or less finished. I am just awaiting Decal paper which I ordered from amazon to arrive (another wek or two I reckon).

Front view.........


Shopping list.............

I know that the panels are a bit hard edged with the highlights. but unfortunately without alot of time to shade this is what looks best. So long as you keep it clean it looks good. Really the painting style is poor mans tribute to Spikeyjames. Old james has turned this art into an industrial process and he gets to have his armies showcased in the Apoc book.

Free hand... might happen... what I am hoping is that I can loot some imagery from the net and apply as transfers to the dread and the whirly. I agree with suggestions I might go with a green sword and a bone sword to mix the colours up.

Plasma cannon dude gets his head from the Ravenwing Sprue. A sprue that rocks absolutely.

Hey Daniel the project is rumbling along now thanks!

Next up is the Whirlwind. It is already basecoated, washed, and the "main coat" is now in progress. I am dreading the Landspeader - so many small panels!!!!!1!