Okay I finished my 'speeder well barring the drivers face but to quote twoflowers(?) camera "I have run out of pink". It will get done tomorrow.

Here is the green side. Look at the glossy GW transfer kids.

And barrelling to the right....


Another image of the whirly to show a finished transfer in all it's glory. Notice the lack of shiny shocking Gloss.

BoLS recommend that you print on white paper and then cut the buggers out. Well I decided that the transferes are going to be immersed in water, smothered in vinegar and nail polish remover so a little white paint wont hurt. I was right.

Next up is bikerz. I must speed up a bit. I wanted to add three termie squads, but I might scale that back to one. I still have a vindi and pred unpainted and unassembled : D