Thanks for all the very kind comments. It's nice to see your work getting some praise.

Thanks for the purity seals! and if you need to see what I look like then you only have to look so far as my avatar

Thanks for the pointers starchild. I might try the base coat of varnish first next time. I think that my home made transfers might have exceeded their shelf life though because they tended to snap across the shoulder pad rather than bend around it.

Based the three vehicles I think the split scheme looks best on models with lots of details. I think a razorback would look a lot better than rhino, actually a rhino would probably look pretty bad with possibly only a drop pod looking worse.

Okay but now I have finished army photo! Okay the dread's base isn't done but I am saving that for a trip to veterans night and I can't get a game.


and from a slightly different angle...

The army is now a 1000 points and I am going to take a break from it. I have some terminators and a landraider waiting in the wings but the 2 main projects I am eyeing right now are...

1.) Finish off my HE - 2 units of spear elves, 1 unit of dragon princes, 2 eagles, 1 mage 1 BSB.
2.) Add some bits to a dull Steel Legion army. highlight and detail 6 chimeras. Add 2 russes. Add characters. Add special weapon guys (convert melta guns).

Maybe a third..
3.) Possibly get stuck into some terrain for an empire table and possibly get the empire army painted.

Beyond that!!! Wood elves possibly 2010 and wait for FW 1000sons and plastic Tzeentch. Maybe one day start the 13th Regiment of Hoof, my idea for traitor guard using lots of beast men, one day.