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Thread: A canticle of pleasure and pain (mostly pain)

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    A canticle of pleasure and pain (mostly pain)

    Once upon a time i started an Emperor's Children army. This was under the previous chaos codex.

    For various reasons I never completed that army. Some of those reasons were due to real life, like work, getting in the way. Other reasons were that I wanted a very individual and highly themed army- space marines with spiky helmets was not what I was looking for at all.

    At the time I expected GW to release more boxed sets to go along with the IA articles and the new codex, thus supplying me with more unique parts to use. Unfortunately this never happened and my interest waned.

    After a long break I'm painting again. I think it was the new daemon models that prompted this. So I've decided to have another go at my EC. A fair bit of the army is left over from my first attempt (apart from a few models I wasn't really happy with. I figure I still need 6 chaos marines, 5 noise marines, a squad of new daemonettes, 1 rhino, 1 predator and a lord. I have a daemon prince built but unpainted and I may just abandon him or make a new one up.

    For the first post in this blog I thought I'd just show recently painted and acquired stuff. I will post the marines later after i've had time to get some decent photos. Some of you veterans may recognise them.

    Anyway, onton the photos- a predator which I started about 4 years ago and finished a couple of days ago, a couple of daemonettes and the pieces of a lovely Forgeworld EC dreadnought.

    Comments and crit very welcome.
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