Hi, I've been charged with finding a new family PC for around £1000 and I was wondering whether you guys could pass an eye over the specs to make sure everything is 'ok' so to speak.

It's from evesham.com which is a fairly good name in the UK and there's one close to where I live in case it never needs looking at.

I know what your going to say about the benefits of building your own PC but I just don't have the know how to do it plus this isn't my PC (nor my money buying it) it'll be the families and not having a warrenty when problems occur will leave me as the only person to blame.

Anyway... here it is -

Axis 64 MKR

Mother Board - ???? Not mentioned ???? Possibly 'MSI K8T Neo'
Processor - AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+
Cooling - ???? Not mentioned ????
Operating System - XP Home Edition
RAM - 1GB dual channel DDR RAM (PC3200) 400MHZ (2x512MB)
Hard Drive - 200GB SATA 7200 rpm Hard Drive with 8MB Cache
Graphics Card - 256MB DDR ATI Radeon X800 PCI-Express graphics
Monitor - 17"Viewsonic VX715 (Black / Silver) DVI TFT
Optical Drive 1 - 16x DVD-ROM
Optical Drive 2 - Multi Format 16x Dual Layer DVD re-wri
Sound Card - Sound Blaster Augidy 2 ZS
Speakers - [None, I already have some harman/kardon speakers.]
Keyboard & Mouse - Microsoft Cordless Keyboard & Optical Wheel Mouse
Fax Modem - 56k Internal Modem (PCI)
Software - Microsoft Works 8.0
Warrenty - Evesham 2 year on site warranty (3rd year RTB)
Back Up Device - Floppy Drive with 7-in-1 Card Reader
Network - Onboard 10/100 Network Card

Price: £1,113.09 inc VAT (£947.31) (price shown is per PC and does not include shipping)

Questions -

(1) What's the difference between XP home and XP Pro edition and is it worth paying extra for?

(2) Not knowing the motherboard is a bit worrying -- the Athlon 64 needs a motherboard capable of supporting 64 bit tech doesn't it or the capabilities are wasted?

(3) With the processor does the '3200' bit necessairly mean it's a 3.2 ghz? What I mean is I know AMDs and Pentiums can vary when compared to each other.

(4) The graphics card is 'ok' isn't it? Games wise it'll last for a while yet wont it?

(5) How's this PC for gaming? It might not be mine but i'll be using it and playing games on it. Will the games I've missed out on lately (DOW HL2 etc) run smooth on this rig?