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    Tsen's Plog - Randomness Guaranteed

    Well, here I am, making another plog. This time I figure the best way to not end up ditching on the log is to not make it to any army in perticular, that way when I change my mind on what army I feel like painting (which happens regularly), I don't have a log dead in the water. So to start out I'll give you all a list as to what I'm working on at the moment....*Deep Breath*

    Crimson Fists
    Death Korps of Krieg
    Legends of the High Seas crew
    Several Odd bitz as well.

    Thats all for now, likely to change often, as I regularly get random urges to paint something completely random.

    As for my Crimson Fists I have more than 3k points worth of them, and suprisingly so, most of it is painted, for that army I'm only doing them to a TT standard so I'll get more done by the time I get bored and start on a different project.

    My Vostroyans are an old army that I'm re-doing, they are either all stripped of are taking an acetone bath now. I want to take my time with them this time around and make sure I use a scheme that I enjoy.

    For my Daemons, I'm making a small army, pure slaanesh for the first 1k, if I go bigger Ill be adding a fair bit of tzeentch for some shooting.

    For my Death Korps, I only have 2 squads of them, but I want to paint them really well.

    The Undead are a really small army for now, Only 20 Skeletons and 10 Grave Guard, these will be the begining of my next fantasy army, if I ever get around to finishing them.

    The Pirate crew is just for myself really, no one I know plays the game I just wanted a reason to buy some pirates, and these will be the slowest project of all.

    As far as randoms go, I cant say anything, I may just end up painting something at random when I'm bored.

    While we're waiting on my pictures to upload to photobucket, I'll talk, give a little back ground on my self. I'm 19 from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thats in Canada for any one that doesnt know where that is. I'm still living there, I've been collecting warhammer for nearly 11 years now, and played historical before that with my father, so since I was about 5, wargaming has been in my blood, and its so well grained in there now I don't think I could ever give up.

    Ok Pics finished...

    This is just a taster of my Crimson Fists, I have finished....

    Terminator Captain
    Power Armor Captain
    2 Terminator Squads
    3 Tactical Squads
    Scout Squad
    Assault Squad
    Land Speeder

    Still to go
    Terminator Assault Squad
    Tactical Squad
    Bike Squad with Attack Bike
    Devastator Squad

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