Greetings fellow Warseer users!

I've got into Warseer in a big way recently, I might even have been checking it more than Facebook over the last few weeks! There are some awesome plogs on here and I've been inspired to start one of my own.

Following from excellent logs like Chaos and Evil's Epic Cadian log and dancingmonkey's Vostroyans I've decided to chronicle my own Epic force from beginning to wherever it ends up!

I've been trawling eBay and been keeping ForgeWorld in walking around money and I've managed to end up with quite the bagged and boxed up forces.

Here are all my plastic guys, mostly from eBay:

Forge World swag. Far more than I need. Had some casting probs with FW and so I've quite a few damaged in transit and badly moulded Chimeras. I'm using those for test minis and probably objective markers in the near future:

My Leman Russ'. I've ended up buying the FW Conqueror's and converting them into standard Russ', using the metal SG turrets and scratchbuilding the sponsons. Took a while but now I'm just waiting for the rest of the Conquerors:

Now to make a force out of it! I need to get some more Sentinels and placcy foot troopers but other than that I think I've more than enough to get a 3000 point force. I'm going to scratchbuild Hellhounds and Griffons (shamelessly ripping off C&E's models!) but the main thing now is to paint paint paint!

Speaking of which, painted models in the next post...

-Moronguhl out