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Thread: 40k Flyer Head Thread for Stick Jocks

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    Re: 40k Flyer Head Thread for Stick Jocks

    Inquisition Gun Cutter "Lucky Thirteen"

    The personal transport of Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Davenport, Inquisition Gun-Cutter "Lucky Thirteen", named so due it being the 13th personal transport Inquisitor Davenport has had in his service. His service to the Ordos in the Albion subsector now well into its two hundredth year. This noble craft was a radical departure in design from the Aquilas and Messenger Class vessels he had used previously. Designed from the ground up to suit his needs using STC designs and innovation both. She has survived countless dangerous missions, facing seemingly hopeless odds, the sort that were the undoing of her many predecessors. The crew are a superstitious sort as Navy types are apt to be. Thus the name "Lucky Thirteen" was born.

    She is designed to excel at rapid and efficient planetary and orbital infiltration and exfiltration. Designed to blend in, not advertising its real purpose or cargo when discretion is needed, Her livery and and transponder codes giving no clue what she really carries within.. Her heavy armour is designed to protect her precious cargo from both atmospheric reentry and enemy fire. Only her armament of hull mounted and turreted Lascannon give clues to her unorthodox nature. Allowing the vessel the means to engage ground and air targets if required.

    Front cockpit houses the vessels pilot. While the rear is occupied by the gunner. A small alcove for an astropath occupies part of the rear of the vessel.

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