Hey folks!

Just got back from LA Gamesday. It was, of course, a good time to be had by all. I thought the 40K Big Game was a little weak this year, but there were some very good club tables and the Golden Daemon entries were top-notch.

The seminars didn't really break any new ground on the rumors front with a few exceptions:

- Phil Kelly confirmed he is working on Planetstrike, but he does not have any confirmations for the timeline

- The Valkyrie is (supposedly) still a possibility, but not definite. Phil said there are no technical problems with doing it, due to the scanning technology they now have, but there is a question of whether it would be worth putting into production.

- A 40K scenario book is being considered by GW. There's been thought about releasing a compendium of additional missions and possibly some campaign materal, but no work has yet begun.

HOWEVER, by far the biggest rumor came from the Black Library presentation. An audience member asked if BL had ever considered doing any screen-plays, shorts, etc. The presenter had a long pause, then replied with something to the effect of "Well, hypothetically, there could maybe be a direct to DVD release of some kind of CGI movie with Ultramarines next year. Maybe." The long and short of it was there is clearly some kind of direct to DVD, CGI 40K movie that is in progress, though the presenter placed massive stress on the fact that it was still not a sure thing and that he could not promise the release date, much less the fact that it would actually be completed (as reflected by anyone that remembers Exile Films' with Bloodquest).

It should be noted that the presenter also said that neither THQ nor the company that did the cutscenes for Dawn of War are involved, but that the movie would be "to that level of quality."

Rather interesting, no?