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Thread: 1000 pts. Dark Elves, rough draft.

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    1000 pts. Dark Elves, rough draft.

    After some ulcer-inducing stunts performed by my beloved yet woefully undisciplined Beastmen during a 1000 pts. tournament last saturday, I've vowed to never again suffer a Ld 7 general. This means I need a new 1000 pts. alternative, as my side army (VC) would also be severely limited in a small-game context. Looking at the elements I wanted to include, in order to get something different from my normal fare, I ended up with the following criteria:
    • Disciplined. Rock hard leadership, and no silly misbehaviour rules.
    • The capacity for large ranked regiments.
    • Some sort of cavalry.
    • Ranged weapons.
    • Not lizardmen. Lizardmen is an annoying army for and by cowards, and I hate them.
    • Nothing too shiny.

    This pretty much left me with Dark Elves. Dark Elves are silly because they are elves, but they're also pretty damn evil, so I'm willing to make a compromise. Some of their models are pretty neat as well. So, I've made this very rough draft, incorporating the elements I like, and staying away from the units with the silliest miniatures.

    Noble, great weapon, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak (86).
    24 Warriors, full command, shields (217).
    12 Warriors, crossbows (135).
    5 Dark Riders, musician (97).
    12 Executioners, musician (138).
    5 Cold One Knights, musician 154).
    Repeater Bolt Thrower (100).

    This comes out at 924 points, with 76 to burn. I'm a bit puzzled on where to spend it. The noble could benefit from some sort of magical gear, but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what. I'm thinking the Seal of Ghond and Armour of Darkness, but I don't know if the Armour requires the shield to be used to benefit from the effects (It doesn't say). Any of the regiments that could benefit from a little bulking out? What about expanding the various commands? I feel the Executioners and Knights might benefit tremendeously from a magic banner to up their Oomph! to near-obscene levels. I'm also considering dumping two of the crossbowmen over to the spears and add a few more, to bulk it up from 5x5 to 6x5.

    Anyways, so far I'm happy I managed to cram pretty much everything I wanted in it, with a little points to spare. Any comments on it?
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