I know there was a thread about them a while ago, but it was more about why normal dwarfs hate them, rather than what I'm interested in. And what is that? Well, everything. Ok, I've read a little here and there, but there's still some questions left unanswered by said sources, nor am I always clear what is official and what is not.

The rulebook talks of the city of Zharr-Naggrund under the Chaos dwarfs, but is this the only place for Chaos dwarfs? Are there other groups elsewhere? Do dwarfs fall to chaos all the time (well as in some bunch of them here, another there), or have the split from the main dwarf race as a whole (like the DE and WE from the HE)?

Do they have cults or factions dedicated to different gods like human Chaos worshipers, or do they have their own twisted for of it?

I'm just asking as I'm working on a Chaos dwarf army at the moment using normal dwarf rules just to make it more interesting and having some reason to make converions and modelling for the army.

I had the idea of them being from a stronghold that was known for their fine craftmanship. Then they were besieged by Slaanesh for a long time and during that time they were challenged many times to prove their skills. They managed to break the enemy off, but they became really cocky about their superior craftmanship and started challenging other forges to compete with them. In time this vanity led them to start seeking even more ways to improve their designs and in the end to break the rules, which led other dwarfs to shun them. They thought the others were just jealous and continued with their dark ways to seek knowledge and skill. But all the while they were secretly being corrupted by Slaanesh through their vanity to nudge them over the edge and finally it all paid off when they swore allegiance to the Dark Prince for all the secrets on forging superior weapons and items.

Is this type of army background anywhere fitting into the world or not?