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Thread: Raising the Waaaghflag (TO40KP WIP)

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    Raising the Waaaghflag (TO40KP WIP)

    I said Iīll do it. Here is my contribution to the Tale of 40K Painters 08/09. -edit- And 09/10...

    Orks, 1500 points. A mixed theme, part heavy metal folks, part mad max style.
    Weīll see a good bunch of vehicles and boys. This thread is for all those who are interested in the conversion progress. There will be much cutting and greening. List wise it will be much like an evil suns army. Trucked troops, buggies, bikes and the odd elites choice for fun reasons. The highlight will be a battlewagon of a rare kind. But step by step. Today I managed to buy the first box of boys. I did the first greenings.
    Heavy metal is all about hair, so my buggers will get mullets and wigs, it will be a joy.
    First try..

    And itīs about booze..

    The gaps under his arms will be filled up. Actually heīll get a t-shirt. Like many of them will. With band logos.
    I got a lots of plans.

    All C&C is more than welcome.


    A list will apear this weekend, as well as more boys


    For references, the famous slaanesh metal army:

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