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    Quote Originally Posted by Anvilbrow
    I'd like to hear more about the "shifting the result three levels" option you mention, and how you determine winner/loser in such games (if you don't mind).
    Well, we use a Random Scenario Generator, which has evolved from Gav's original version and has been tested for something like 200 games now and gradually refined. It uses missions which are worth a number of Vps (10% of the size of the enemy army for each of your 2 missions you succeed in).
    Degrees of victory are calculated in pretty much the normal manner (though the thresholds are generally significantly higher).

    In the case of Raids, they work like this (cut and past from rules):

    5.9 Raids
    When declaring an invasion, a player can declare that he is launching a raid rather than a normal invasion. This option is intended for those times when a player has a much smaller army than the one he is attacking (for example because he has sent away one or more Support Contingents) and the intent is to make the battle more interesting than the normal “Massacre in two turns” or “Hunt the Skinks” that these uneven battles often turn into. The effect of making a raid is as follows:
    • The defending army size will be the same as the attacker’s army size (unless it would normally be smaller). So if a 950 pt army is attacking an 1800 pt army, both players would field 950 pt forces.
    • The result of the battle will be shifted three steps in favour of the defender, up to a maximum of a massacre in favour of the defender (see below). So anything worse than a victory for the attacker counts as a massacre in favour of the defender.
    • Players do not have to field their Generals in raids; a Senior Officer could act as a substitute General instead (see section 8.5).

    Table 5.4 - Result of a Raid
    Result* => Counts as
    Massacre => Draw
    Solid victory => Minor loss
    Minor victory => Solid loss
    Draw => Massacred
    Minor loss => Massacred
    Solid loss => Massacred
    Massacred => Massacred
    * As seen from the attacker’s point of view.

    Raids are intended to be used when you have a much smaller army than the one you are attacking (there is no point in raiding a smaller army). You have a decent chance of razing the enemy territory (you just need to win and have an equally large army) and you avoid the dullness of a very uneven battle. The task of the player is to estimate when it’s more effective to fight a regular battle and when it’s more effective to raid.

    Raids where the players have armies of only a 1000 pts or less should be played on a 4’ by 4’ table.

    Razing, in the campaign, means that the owning realm has to spend resources to rebuild the territory at the end of the turn or get no benefits from the territory next turn (amongst other things, the number of un-razed territories you have dictate the size of your armies).

    Quote Originally Posted by Anvilbrow
    On another note Avian, I really like the method you illustrated for map-making and tracking. Unfortunately, I didn't understand half of what you said, I am by no means computer proficient. I'd like to do something like that for ongiong campaigns as a way for players to ponder the map without having to go to the store, perhaps even submitting orders online if they are going to miss a week.
    Uh, well, it does take some level of computer proficiency to make it work. Basically there is a table (well, several tables, really) with an entry for each territory on the map which can be edited from our campaign website. Then the script that displays the map reads from the table and draws in the appropriate coloured dots and arrows on top of the map. Once a battle has been played, the arrow will turn grey and if the battle went well enough in favour of the attackers (Solid victory or Massacre) the territory changes hands and colour.
    Map at the start of the turn
    Map at the moment (as you can see those Yellow bastards have taken one of our nice, Red territories over on the west coast)
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