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Thread: Emperor's Children: a short story I wrote

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    Emperor's Children: a short story I wrote

    This is an explanation of the Lord of my army.


    The Legend of Northezaar

    When the Emperor’s Children legion began to worship Slaanesh, Northezaar, an aspiring champion, was one of the quickest converts. He had always harboured a deep longing for physical perfection and beauty, and had mutilated himself many times as a protest at the ugliness that he perceieved in himself.

    Slaanesh was quick to come to him, having seen his pain. The God whispered to him in his dreams and promised him the perfection he desired. Northezaar carved the symbol of Slaanesh in his chest and swore an oath: to devote himself to the pursuit of a better body for himself, be it mortal or otherwise. He devised a dark and twisted plan: he would trawl the galaxy, searching for the most beautiful beings, capture them, and use them to grant himself a more beautiful body, one that was more complete than the modified space marine body he had – without the taint of the emperor’s design.

    Before he could begin, he needed to command an army to protect him. He wanted to command his brethren, and take the place of his overlord, Elthain. He became incredibly determined in battle, driving himself to slaughter, with no mercy, anyone who got in his way. This was done partly to gain the respect of the army, and partly out of frustration. It was not long before he was revered in the army, second only to Elthain. This was what he needed. He began to sow lies and rumour amongst the ranks, poisoning them against Elthain. When the army was suitably confused and disturbed, and during one of the most ferocious battles in their history, against a Word Bearers army, Northezaar cut himself a clearing in the centre of the battlefield, stopped, and levelled his bolt pistol at Elthain. Elthain sensed this, and turned to face the traitor. Everyone stopped fighting, including the enemy, shocked at this obvious mutiny. Northezaar dropped the pistol and pulled out his power sword. Elthain did the same, drawing his famous weapon, the Dark Blade. This weapon contained the soul of an angry daemon, and was powerful enough to rend apart armoured vehicles. They charged at each other, and so began the bloodiest hand to hand duel they onlookers had ever seen. Like an Ork Warboss or a wolf pack leader, Elthain had seen a challenge to his authority and moved to crush it. The fight was long and tense, with neither gaining advantage. Eventually, however, Northezaar summoned up all his rage and frustration and focused in his personal goal. This pleased Slaanesh, who threw Elthain’s weapons aside, leaving him defenceless. Northezaar kicked him in the chest, causing him to double over. Northezaar swung his sword and decapitated the lord. Elthain’s partly daemonic body squirmed around and exploded into a thousand pieces.

    Northezaar smiled, took up the Dark Blade, and held it aloft. Slaanesh futher blessed him so that when Northezaar shot a glance of triumph at the waiting Word Bearers, purple fire streamed from his eyes, and ignited those closest to him. Imbued with rage, the Word Bearers charged, but were eventually wiped out by the hypnotic and distracting fighting of what was now Northezaar’s army.

    Over the coming years, Northezaar ransacked countless imperial words, killing the ugly and taking the beautiful as slaves. He chained women to the front of tanks as symbols of devotion to his God. Others he gave weapons and forced to follw him into battle as his protectors. The women obeyed, knowing that disobedience would cost them their lives. Some were rescued by imperial armies, but some were actually converted to the worship of Slaanesh, and they still serve him to this day.

    One captive was of more significance than all the others. She was Natalia, Queen of Erminus III. She had been captured from under the noses of the space wolves, and was imprisoned aboard his strike cruiser. Little did she know that her fate was nigh…

    In his desire for perfection, Northezaar saw Natalia as an oppurtunity. He used all of his knowledge of sorcery to arrange a ceremony that could transport him into the body of Natalia. However, the spell was doomed to failure from the start, as Northezaar was no master sorceror. Instead of what he planned, Northezaar was transformed into a monstrous amalgamation of her and himself. He saw himself in the mirror, and flew into a rage. He picked up a knife and sliced himself open again and again, praying to Slaanesh that it would all be a dream. It wasn’t. Natalia was gone and the spell had failed.

    Dismayed with his failure, Northezaar takes to wearing specially crafted armour to hide his hideous features. His prayers and service to Slaanesh have not reveresed the spell, but have granted him other favours, such as a mighty daemonic steed to take him into battle. He still takes women as slaves, perhaps to take away his pain, but now he has a new plan – to find the secret of sorcery that could grant him beauty of a god, the allure of a siren, and, most of all, gratification of his desire.
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    Re: Emperor's Children: a short story I wrote

    First off, wrong forum.

    Second of all, nice story, if I had ever seen your lord I would say 'Well that explains alot.'
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    Re: Emperor's Children: a short story I wrote

    I like it. That's pretty good and has a nice feel to it. I like.

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    Re: Emperor's Children: a short story I wrote

    Your story is ok, but two parts make no sense.

    The Word Bearers stop fighting because they see inner strife? If anything, they would take advantage of the situation...if they saw it at all!

    And a Space Marine trying to transport himself into the body of a weak human woman? You do realise that that would be extremely stupid, right?
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    Re: Emperor's Children: a short story I wrote

    I like what the attitude towards his own body and his desire for a beautiful body implies about Northezaar's mental state. This is classic serial-killer psychology, here. I do agree mostly with Anarchistica's points, though.

    Is the description of his body being fused with the woman's intended to describe a conversion you did for gaming? If so, I'd like to see that.
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