Hello, this is my first venture in to project logging on Warseer for a while, but after sharing my efforts on The Ammobunker, Bolter & Chainsword and Tactical Command, I thought I would share some pics here incase anyone missed them elsewhere.

To start with, here's my burgeoning 40k Chaos Marine army, which I have dubbed The Legion of Taurus:

At present I have painted a 400 point Combat Patrol, but I intend to continue collecting this army to about 2,500-3,000 points, then add some Apocalypse formations.

My plan to get there will be to gradually add units to take the army to 1,500, then 1,750, then 2,000... you get the picture!

To that end, I've recently made an HQ unit - Varcosian Avatar of Tauran Unleashed (he's not the army's commander, but one of several characters for it):

Then I made some Terminators:

And some bikes:

I also made some more Marines to take the first two squads to 10-strong.

So that's 40k; but this log is also about EPIC, and I've only got 8 Epic Chaos armies...