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    All Skeleton Team

    Well I have not played since 3rd edition, and decided to get back into it.

    I really liked the old 2nd edition skeleton teams.

    I bought a box of skeletons and have been painstakingly sculpting on helmets and shoulder pads.

    I made them up like a dead human team.
    2 as throwers, converted to throwing pose.
    4 as catchers, converted to catching pose.
    4 as blitzers, 2 visibly different to be wight or blitz-ra.
    6 Lineman.

    I don't care if I win to start, my question is what of the two teams should I pick.

    The Khermi team is appealing for the Throw-ras. The standard undead team is appealing as the interest in all skeleton fades I have more options.
    I'm starting with 16 skeletons. And lots of rerolls. If I'm Undead I'll have 2 wights. and 14 skeleton. If I'm Khermi I'll have 2 throw-ras and 2 blitz-ras, and 12 skeleton. Obviously Khermi is better to start, but having gouls or zombies allows for more options.

    I'm joining a league, Want to start as all skeleton and then adding something fun down the road.

    I may even start with 16 of the 30,000 skeletons :-b

    Adding gouls, or having better skeletons?
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