It has begun. Months of collecting 15-20 year old models has culminated in me moving twice, and finally getting set up enough to do this.

Initially it will be the 1500 pts listed in the army list section. After that is done, I'll begin to finish all the other units that have found homes in my clutches.

I started by assembling and priming 21 Bad Moon boyz, including 2 heavy weapons and 2 nobs (variety), Nazdreg, a dreadnought and 6 Deathskull Lootas.

I then went ahead and figured a whole new way to paint ork skin, to be more in line with the painting style of the early nineties. If I'm doing classic models, they're getting done classically.

So, one Bad Moon boy became the test model, and after a few days of labor, writing down color recipes, and getting a nice skin, yellow and blue, we have the first model completed.