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Thread: Dark Elves Project Log: Host of the Golden Spires of Immutable Anguish

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    Dark Elves Project Log: Host of the Golden Spires of Immutable Anguish

    Project Log: Host of the Golden Spires of Immutable Anguish

    Shrouded in a malaise of howling darkness, the rolling ocean waves break and retreat before the improbable juggernaut. Perched atop the black cliffs are fierce towers and soaring minarets of white, crumbling marble; each elegantly crowned with a gleaming, golden dome. A harbinger of calamity, The Golden Spires of Immutable Anguish brings disaster and despair to all unfortunate enough to suffer her wrath.


    Hello there! I’m a long time Dark Elf player (almost 15 years now), and I’m putting together an army of 2250 points for the Baltimore GT almost entirely from scratch! I figure the best way to ensure that I will be done in time will be to hold myself accountable via a public project log. This is my first one, so be gentle!

    On second thought, no, don’t. Please be honest and forthright in your criticisms. I want to learn from them, and become a better modeler and painter for it.


    The central theme behind my army revolves around Mournos Aggorothru, master of an ancient Black ArK known as The Golden Spires of Immutable Anguish. A powerful sorcerer, Mournos is one of the scant few druchii alive that can recall the horrors and the turmoil of the Sundering from living memory. Once a battle mage serving on the front lines against Chaos incursions along the Nagarythe coast, Mournos served with honor, valor, and distinction alongside his countrymen.

    His service was rewarded with tragedy. One evening, Mournos returned to his coastal keep after a long and brutal campaign to find that his wife and two eldest sons had been slain in a confrontation with overzealous agents of the Pheonix King tasked with rooting out the Cult of Pleasure in the local province. Unfounded accusations were made, and when the two impetuous boys drew weapons to defend their mother’s honor, violence ensued.

    Stricken to the core with grief, Mournos withdrew into seclusion, a hermit in his own home. For several years, his only contact with his courtiers and lieutenants came through his young daughter, who also cared for and raised his remaining infant son.

    Then one fateful day, word of Malekith’s rebellion reached the House of Aggorothru. Mournos finally emerged from his tower, his heart a black, pitiless stone hardened by years of mourning and misery. He immediately rallied his men, and pledged his allegiance to Malekith. The time had finally come to exact revenge on those who stole that most precious to him.

    Today, the coastal keep that served as the seat of House Aggorothru is now known in folklore and legend around the known world as The Golden Spires of Immutable Anguish, one of the rare and infamous Black Arks that now prowl the oceans of the world in search of power, glory, riches, and slaves.


    Corsair Theme
    With my background revolving around the Black Ark Golden Spires, a corsair theme is obviously in order. However, while I adore the new plastic Corsairs, I’m not terribly keen on the idea of fielding numerous blocks of Corsair infantry. I prefer a more mobile, multi-faceted shock force. I’d also like to explore the idea that not all corsairs are necessarily going to use the same fighting style, and be equipped exactly the same way.

    So what I’ve decided to do is use the corsair kit to convert up my other plastic and metal models to give them all a gruff and aggressive corsair flair. There’s lots of cool bits to use, including heads, sea dragon cloaks, handbows, legs, swords, cool hand weapons, etc. I plan on having a field day with it.

    For armor and weapons, I intend to use a darkly shaded steel highlighted by golden trim. Not terribly innovative, but always looks very sharp.

    For cloth and clothing, on the other hand, I’m going to use whites, grays, and purples from the original heraldry of House Aggorothru. back when Mournos was a member of the Court of Nagarythe. Personally, I’m tired of seeing black and purple Dark Elves everywhere. Time to switch it up!

    The unifying theme for my bases will be a sandy beach, as if my forces are marching inland from the sea. I will feature “beach rocks” (black, rounded stones, pitted by sea salt and years of wave action), along with sea shells, starfish, kelp, and other things you’d see on the shore.

    Army List

    Right now, my army list is as follows:

    Mourn Aggorothru (4th lvl Sorc)
    Korvas Aggorothru (Master BSB on Cold One)
    Phaelorra Aggorothru (Death Hag on Cauldron of Blood)

    12 Corsairs
    12 Repeater Crossbowmen
    5 Dark Riders
    5 Harpies

    Guardsmen of the Golden Spires (18 Black Guard)
    Sacred Circle of the Bloody Maw (5 CoKs)

    The Shrike (RBT)
    Righteous Fury of Khaine (RBT)
    Gorgomonthe (War Hydra)


    Alrighty, that’s it for now: This is the foundation of my list, and what I hope to achieve. I’ll start posting pics and progress reports very soon!
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