OK. Im not an Eldar player, Im Space Wolves all the way. Ive been asked to build an army for a friend around stuff that I used under the last edition of the rules, A Biel-Tan theme assault army. Looking at the new rules set I guess its a bit usless now!!

Be nice of some experienced Eldar players could have a look at what is on the table and make some suggestions how to make a decent competetive army out of it instead of a wholescale rebuild. Understand somethings will have to go, or be changed.

Not formulated a plan yet but the list of models goes as follows.

1 Autarch
6 Howling Banshees
6 Striking Scorpions
6 Fire Dragons

8 Dire Avangers
5 Rangesr/Pathfinders

2 Falcons

3 Wave Serpents

Already thought of buying two Prism Cannon turrets to turn the Falcons into Fire Prisms.

Be harsh and constructive please, if a rebuild is needed so be it.

My thanks.