I would like to know if all the troops name in the game in english translated the same in another languages(real world languages such as Germans, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
Example is Black Orcs = Negro Orcs in Spanish Orcs and Goblins army book?
Also things like Choppa and Spear chuckas too.

Can we make a list of things that is not the same as in english on this thread, that would be cool.

The reason is, I made a thread about "Empire of what" and it got me thinking that does Spanish army book call Black Orcs, Negro Orcs also. Or the name of Empire is Empire also. I know Bretonia will stays the same in every languages, but Empire is a word, not a specific name. . . so Empire would be interesting to know.

Creatures like Giant, Ogres, and Dragons are so popular in every culture that each language culture might have a different names to call those species. Like Ogre army book is call what???