Well, cut a long story short, a while ago I bagged some amazing converted Dark Angel miniatures from ebay on an Impulse purchase. Wanting to do them justice and admittedly annoy the bearded ones out there I decided there was only one option and that was to paint them blue! Lack of the correct GW pots led me to make do with the tamiya colours I had (little darker than the codex some might say). What we ended up with is a new chapter because I am simply too lazy and too tight to buy the required paints

The assault terms are the first of the said converted minis I bagged, very very nice job he did on them too, were a pleasure to paint, there are also some very nice scouts and devs to come in the same style.

Went fishing on ebay at the weekend and pulled in quite a catch, got to clean them up and re-paint of course but I am aiming to complete them all using my speed painting technique so they should end up a nice bold gaming standard similar to the Starship Trooper armies here SST armies

I am aiming for a manageable nicely balanced playable force so hopefully I won't go crazy, maybe one of each of the specialist vehicles and a few rhinos to add to the list below, hmmmmmm, saying that I DID only intend to build ONE Warhound last October......Titanic madness so who knows where it may end!

the forces gathered so far as follows;

1 x Typhoon
1 x Speeder
2 x Dreadnoughts
5 x Assault Terms
5 x Terms
10 x Assault Marines
30 x Tac marines
10 x Dev marines
5 x Scouts
Command squad
6 x Bikes
1 x Predator Annihilator
1 x Land raider crusader
1 x Land raider Terminus

Anyhow, on to the ones painted thus far! piccies. Will update as I paint 'em up and sort a webpage out for 'em soon as I find some time