Ok, what gives?

Does it work? Doesn't it work? Why?

The Wall of Fire places a burning strip of, well, burning wall in front of the target unit, with the same width.

Against skirmishers and war machines the application of the spell becomes a bit odd. The units do no have a defined frontage and width. This leavs several options, of course, but none that do not require a certain degree ofcreative thinking...

1) NULL POINTER EXCEPTION! Casting the spell causes the game to crash. Restart the game from the last (armour) save!

2) The spell fails to affect the unit. The caster just played the arcane version of russian roulette.

3) The spell affects the closest model in the unit. This creates a *very* small wall of fire. It is easily circumvented.

4) The spell affects *all* models in the unit. The wall is placed perpendicular(?) to the line between the closest model and the caster. The wall is equal to the total "front" base length of all models in the unit, evenly ditributed across the line just where it reaches the closest model.

Any other suggestions?