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    A blast from the past.

    A BLAST FROM THE PAST (Or Harry paints a bunch of really old stuff)

    With the Warhammer Anniversary this year I found myself getting a bit nostalgic.
    Seeing this box art in the pages of White Dwarf took me right back to the first time this image appeared in White Dwarf all those years ago ... as an advert for the soon to be released new game.

    I was 17 years old, I collected toy soldiers, I played war games and role playing games and I was a huge fan of fantasy. (and a White Dwarf subscriber even then!)

    I remember how much I loved the cover art work of John Blanche.
    I remember I was sold on the idea of Warhammer before it ever hit the shelves.

    The result of all this reminiscing was that I decided to dig out some of my old minis from back then. As I did this I was reminded of just what a lot of wonderful, iconic minis there have been over the years.

    It was like meeting old friends. You know ... those friends you have that whilst you may not see them for many years you pick up right where you left off last time and carry on as if it was only last week you saw them?

    In this project log I intend to work my way through the pick of my collection, going back to the earliest days of Citadel miniatures and painting my favourite and some of the most iconic miniatures from ‘days gone by’.

    I hope to show folks some lovely old miniatures and maybe re-introduce one or two people to some old friends, long forgotten.

    I will update this log as often as my other army painting allows.
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