Well, since it's a new forum I might as well post an old idea for people to (once again) look over. Essentially this is a part of the "Standard Representation" of a world in the Anargo Sector Project. The description of the craftworld eldar therein is part of a wider project on the eldar themselves, although this obviously only focusses on the craftworld eldar (of a specific craftworld) and of a specific colony world.

This is what I would argue to be a good and "holistic" interpretation of the eldar, one that is not tied up with any specific edition (although it leans to the older 'sci-fi' approach rather than the more modern 'technofantasy' of 4E). It also posits that the craftworld eldar, at least, are a far more culturally homogenous (and similar in terms of government structure) then the 'fluff' would tend to lead us to believe. Ironically this premise is based in the statement of the 'fluff', the implication of which is that the craftworlds that people concentrate on (Biel-Tan, Ulthwe, etc.) are actually exceptions to the rule...

Anyway, onwards with the basic information on Tir'asur, which some of you may remember from the old forum. As always, I really would welcome constructive comments on how the approach can be made more 'fluffy' (it's as close as you can get without giving precedence to one edition over another). I'll post the information on the planet, and not the extended system, although it is the 'cuture/government/etc.' that I would prefer to concentrate on and not the world itself. (But if you do have comments about that then post them as well...)


Planet: Uuranor en’vesta Gamma (Tir’asur – “Land of the Phoenix”)
World-Class: Xenos eldar
Population: 900,000
Tech Level: H
Tithe Grade: None
Aestimare: None

Orbital Distance: 0.7 AU
Equatorial Diameter: 12,640 km
Gravity: 0.98 G
Orbital Period: 234.8 Terran days
Length of Day: 34.186 Terran hours
Atmosphere: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 1.4 atm
Base Mean Surface Temperature: 37.7ºC
Hydrosphere: 50%
Indigenous Lifeforms: Sentient
Satellites: 3: Isha is a natural satellite to the world, while Eldanesh and Lileath are shaped asteroids.

Planet Description
Tir’asur, or Land of the Phoenix, is a pristine garden world which, while hot, still remains for the craftworld eldar that live there a paradise. Unlike many colony worlds, Tir’asur represents a paradigm shift away from the imposed Maiden World and towards the gradual modification of a world while inhabited by the eldar themselves. However, similar to those worlds much of the world remains in its primeval state, with almost the entire land surface capable of supporting an arboreal (temperate or tropic) forest doing so. Tropical rainforests extend from the equator almost 3,500 km (~40º lattitude), with deciduous and coniferous forests extending all but to the north and south poles, at which points tundra begins to predominate before the permanent ice-pack.

The eldar population is itself scattered widely over the surface of the world into many smaller communities in keeping with the basic premise of eldar Clan/interest-group based society. Generally these diffuse settlements have a population of no more than five thousand, and usually much less, with one exception: Yeste’sulla‘men (“Place of First Breath”) nominally the capital of Tir’asur with a concomitantly larger population.

Significant Locations
The world of Tir’asur is by the design of the eldar a pristine garden world, ideally suited to their needs and reminiscent of the original homeworld that now at the centre of the Eye of Terror. While the colony still remains fairly young in terms of the long-lived eldar race, there are a number of locations that are particularly noteworthy or which have become significant to the eldar.

This is the ‘Place of First Breath’, the site at which the first explorator vessels of the Clan of the Phoenix made landing. It is the location of the primary Webway gate and, both as a result of this and its association with the origins of the colony itself, it has become a ‘central’ location for both the social and political life of the eldar of Tir’asur.

The site has been modified from the original pristine form, with a large and artificially flat plateau formed by the cutting of one-half of a shallow cylinder outside of a face of an extinct volcano. Two waterfalls cascade down the side of the volcano, the water originating from the lake now located in the mouth of the volcano, and form a large and shallow pool. At some distance from this pool, which is symbolically associated with Isha and Vaul (see below), begin the permanent structures which serve various functions, including central if temporary housing for the planetary population. These structures form an approximately semi-circular shape into which the Clan Council Chambers (see below) lands during the aforementioned festivals.

The Tears of Isha
The two waterfalls that cascade down the volcano of Yeste’sulla‘men have become known as the ‘Tears of Isha’, named after the goddess and mythological mother of the eldar. The water derives from the crystal clear lake in the mouth of the volcano, falling from ‘Isha’s Eyes’ approximately one kilometer before striking the rocks at the base of the artificial plateau and, from there, into the large and shallow pool located there. At a short distance from the waterfalls themselves, but before the aforementioned pool, is a shrine to Vaul, the Smith God, who in eldar mythology was said to have forged the tears of Isha into the Spirit Stones which the eldar still use to this day.

The Nemeton
In a similar fashion to the structures employed by the Exodites, the eldar of Tir’asur have fashioned wraithbone and psycho-reactive polymer or crystalline forms into ‘nemetons’, series of ‘megalithic’ structures which are scattered over the surface of the planet. The most significant of the nemeton is found on the slopes of the volcana at Yeste’sulla’men where the carracenad, the Waystones that have become the soul-stones of dead eldar, are located and the spiritual heart of the Infinity Circuit of Tir’asur. Some have begun to refer to the Infinity Circuit as a ‘World Spirit’, the same name that the splinter race of Exodites apply to the same technology.