Hi all,

Some of you may be thinking 'Can't this Aegius guy stick to just one project?'. well I'm afraid that the answer is a resounding 'Nope'. Unfortunately I get the itch for a different army/project pretty hard for a few weeks and then something else sparkly catches my eye.

I've made a few project logs here on warseer and they are all for armies/projects that I do plan to add to. This log is for my Eagle Warriors space marines who are already somewhere near a company in strength. The reason I've decided to start it is that someone is giving me a Thunderhawk transporter at a very reasonable price. This is one model that I'd really really like to get finished. (my revenant titan is still unfinished over a year after buying it.)

The new marine Codex is not going to really effect me too much as I do have nearly a companys worth of models to choose from, I'll probably add a few models here and there to beef up the squads that can no longer have 2 special weapons and redistribute some of my heavy weapons to other squads, but other than that, there probably won't be an awful lot to do to the army. On saying that, I do still have a fair few unpainted minis, so this log may be a good excuse to start working on them.

I'll be adding pictures as soon as I've found my digital camera, My damn missus has gone and hidden it away somewhere. I've got a load of photos to take for my terrain log too. It looks like I'll be spending a good while taking photos this evening.