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    Bad Moon Rising

    I'm not the most active poster here at warseer, but some of you may know my Thousand Sons painting log. Today I want to start a new log.

    When I started playing 40k in the early beginning of the 3rd edition, the army that looked most interesting for me, was the orks. I bought some models and ended finally with an eldar and a dark eldar army. After having painted an Imperial Guard, some Tau and last, but not least, my Thousand Sons, AoBR presented me with too good an opportunity to finally start painting (and playing) some orks

    The thing that fascinates me most on orks, is their envention and use of creative technologies, so I wanted my orks to have a BigMek as an HQ and some killakans and a gargbot for the army. The bulk of the army will be lots of boyz - fortunately, I've got all ork-stuff out of two AoBR boxes.
    When I thought about the stuff I wanted to have in the army, I also spent some time on their background and on the colour-scheme: a BigMek who wants to build some crazy stuff, needs someone to give him the ressources, so I'm pretty sure, the Bad Moon Clan would be the best place for him.

    I started ten days ago by painting some boys in Bad Moon colours:

    After that, there were some more models coming into my way ;-)

    The boss is minor conversion out of an AoBR boss:

    EDIT: By now, my 2000 points list, that I'm trying to get painted, looks as follows (will get regularly updated):
    painted primed built

    Warboss Gorkov Steelstompa
    BigMek Orkimedes

    8 Lootas

    4 MAN's - Trukk

    20 Sluggaboyz (15/6)
    20 Shootaboyz
    10 Shootaboyz (4/6)
    7 Nobs - Trukk
    Grotmob (5/6)

    2 Burnabuggies
    2 Killakoptas (1/1)

    Looted Vehicle
    2 Killakans

    Additional models:

    Warboss Gorbatschork

    20 Sluggaboys
    models for possibly 10 flashgits
    3 Bikes (1/2)
    4 Killakoptas
    5 Nobs
    10 Kommandos
    10 Burnaboys

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