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    Need help to identify empire miniature

    Hi to all ;

    As usual ; I will need help to identify miniatures !

    I bought them as unreleased. Some of them may be not unreleased. ( the seller was not sure )
    Main difference is about Minature may be taller than the one that was released.
    Halbardier are different too.
    Cannon get different wheels and crew.

    But now, here are pics !

    Cannon with different wheels... and different crew.

    Halbardiers. Seems different from the one released.

    Pistoliers. I not have the released one... so I not see any difference. Maybe taller ?

    crossbowmen. Maybe taller ?


    If anyone can see difference with the released minis... That will be very helpful !

    Thanks !

    All the best ;
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