Over the weekend I was at a local GW. Being a GW on a Saturday it was swamped with kids (important later). A patron came with a box and set it down on a table. The box was filled with back issues of white-dwarf...all at around issue 100, loaded with rogue trader goodness.
Naturally kids flocked to this pandora's box. I noticed that some took to the old material with curiosity, looking at the old models and rules. They were shocked to see beastmen in IG armies and wondered what the "cl" stat was. Other kids flipped through the WDs and put them down. It didn't hit me until later in the day that the kids that took no interest in the back issues of WD also had unpainted armies (SM mostly) marred in mold-lines and put together with the manual dexterity of a sock whilst those that took interest had (on the whole) painted armies with scenic bases and conversions.
Meh...I thought it to be interesting.