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Thread: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

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    The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Welcome to the White Lions project log!

    Thank you for teh time in looking at what my log has to offer.

    I will be focusing on a single army with this log, and I will be making teh army look very unique. Since this is a white lion army everythign will be needing a white lion cloak. So every miniature in this army will be given a white lion cloak or fur on them somewhere.

    And thanks to LION I will even be putting little arrows in the bows my archers will be shooting.

    I'm going to be building this army the smart way in that I will only purchase new models only after I have finished the unit I am currently working on.

    So here is the start to my force!

    Prince Ka Ralus

    I still need to paint a design on the shield, finish the base, and the axe. Only character models will be getting a senic base of some sort.

    More pics to follow in next post

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    A fairly good job! I like it! Looking forward to your next post
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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    As I;ve already posted we have Korhil, Hunter capt. of the Whiet Lions. I will be re-doing the base on him.

    I had to sculpt the hands on him. I think he turned out pretty decent, and will be a welcomed addition to the list when I eventually will add my 3rd White Lion Unit. For now he is just standing pretty in my cabinet.

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    and lastly I have my mage that I am currently working on. This model has an extreely ugly face. And I dont think my painting helps it out much. Her cape is blue because I will be adding the star pattern on it. Although I'm thinking the blue is to over powering right now.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think I should scrap the blue cloak and make it red like the princes or a different colour? I was hoping to make them all different colours.

    After I finish her I will begin my first unit of achers.

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    The mages' hair is very very nice!

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    cool looking stuff so far, but get on with your core units! I wants to see more little elfsis!

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Pretty good. Purple/blue scheme with no white works well. Personally I think the skin is too dark though. Looks like you used mainly tanned flesh as the skin colour - I think they need to be paler.

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    The face on the first Prince, looks a bit too red/reddish-pink for a High Elf..
    It looks kind of like a girl from Oslo-Norway that I met in Greece august 2007.. (Because of the sun, and I'm from Sweden )..

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    I agree his face is pretty rubbish. I've ordered 2 more today to re-do this idea. I've also purchased 2 boxes of white lions that I'm presently playing with. I've got some really cool ideas to show warseer in the coming weeks.

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Looking good so far though I agree with the others about the skin. Nice colour scheme though... not a Villa/Burnley/West Ham/S****horpe (the list goes on) fan by any chance are you?!

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    How many fictional lions have to die to give you an army?

    Looking good so far and a particularly good job on the Prince.
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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log


    Well this was done sooner than expected.

    So here as the concept ideas I have for my spearmen and archers. In total I plan on having 25 - 30 spears and 20 archers. I've also decided to change up my paint scheme a little bit. Also plan on creating some unit fillers of spare lions

    So what do you think?

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Text Update!

    So tomorrow I will have some pictures. But for now I wish to tell you that I have been working hard on Converting my Griffon/Foot High Elf Prince and my Arch/mage. They have been constructed to keep the Chrace theme. Look forward to pictures tomorrow

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Good paintjobs, conversions that look natural on the mini's, whats not to like? It seems your working on a lot of characters before you crack on with units, dont you find that you lose motivation once you cant 'reward' yourself with character models anymore?
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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Yes I sometimes do lose motivation which is why this time around I've decided to to just complete teh conversions of my characters and leave them along until I finish 1 core unit.

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Nice colour scheme, quite unique
    Nice touch with the lion cloak for the mage
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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Hello Warseer,

    So a few days later than expected, but I have some updates. First the stuff I don't have pictures of yet.

    So my spearmen have been assembled and hands cut/drilled and waiting for the spear tips to arrive in the mail. I think they look pretty cool and am really looking forward to to painting them. The next box I purchase will be for archers to break the type of troops I'm painting up and I'm still trying to figure out how to give them arrows. Presently I'm thinking of drilling a small hole in between 2 fingers and using a paper clip to act as the arrow shaft, but I need to think of the arrow head now. Any ideas would be great!

    Ok now to the stuff I can show pictures of!

    So the first pics are of the Marge/Archmage I've done a simple conversion involving the IoB mage. I think it's very effective and I feel it will look really good when with the other troops.

    Next up is the WIP of the Griffon/Foot Prince. I wanted to be able to show my lord on foot as he is when mounted on his steed so the torso has a magnet in it so I can freely swap him depending on game size etc. I haven't added his cloak yet or the lion head. I will as soon as my bit order arrives because well they are in there. I've decided that the decorative axe in the WL box as well as the cool helmet champ head are for him alone so they will not be used again. And the Phoenix head in that box is going to be used with my BSB when I star to build him. The legs in this set of photos is being used to show his change from mounted to on foot.


    I hope this catches your attention!

    - Lavieth

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    Re: The White Lions go to war - The Project Log

    Back in style I see. I was going to wait to comment until we saw your completed archer/spearmen conversions, however the cloak on the mage is just brilliant.

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