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Thread: Captain Brown's 8th Necromunda Imperial Guard Regiment 'The Spiders' Classic Scheme

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    Captain Brown's 8th Necromunda Imperial Guard Regiment 'The Spiders' Classic Scheme

    So there comes a time when you look at your army and it starts to look a little tired…the dice have not been kind (literally as they have chipped the paint off some figures)…despite your opponents attempts to be careful they have knocked your troops off of hills and ruined buildings…your careful packing has been disrupted by curious customs agents, airport security, your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/child. Or perhaps your favorite pet has decided that your figure make far better projectiles than the miniature mouse bought for that purpose. When that time comes, you are faced with several choices, retire the army or sell it on eBay and start another, go into a new army, or revive the old and make it seem new.

    The time has come for this last option for my Imperial Guard Necromunda Regiment, this is the army I field the most, they are plastic Cadians and fairly rugged and durable (whereas I find my Forgeworld Elysians are fragile and my Steel Legion are more restrictive in their options).

    How many of you remember this?

    The box art of the first Imperial Guard plastics. No longer available from Games Workshop, but the first affordable troops provided for an army I started to play with the release of White Dwarf 109.

    Here is a slightly more complete image of the picture scanned from the magazine.

    The images from White Dwarf and any quotes from the background of that magazine or other publication remain the property of Games Workshop, as do any others used in this log.

    This got me started and soon I had a painted army of over 100 of these little guys...that was three boxes and quite a few lead Guardsmen thrown in for Special Weapons, Command figures, etc.

    That army went to Sweden I think...before eBay actually and another replaced it (several armies actually). When the new Cadians first came out I got the army box and started painting up a new Necromunda Regiment based on the original artwork.

    Some of you will remember my old avatar and some photos of bits of the army from Portent.
    Captain Brown Avatar
    Command Squads

    A little embarrassing as these were painted and converted back in 2004. However PLOGs have to start somewhere. So these are old and pre-refresh pictures.

    Now at this time the Heavy Weapon was not yet a two wound troop, so I was mounting them on smaller bases to allow for flexibility. Guard Sergeants could also carry Storm Bolters and hence those rather large conversions. So one of my first changes was replacing those models, making the bodies into VOX Operators and the rest into new bodies with converted Storm Bolters.

    More archived images of the army prior to refresh:
    Command HQ
    Command Section One
    Command Section Two
    Infantry Squad One
    Infantry Squad Two
    Infantry Squad Three
    Infantry Squad Four
    Infantry Squad Five
    Support Squad One
    Support Squad Two
    Ogryn Squad

    So this painting log is my repairing/repainting, adding/replacing and general improvement of my army. Some of you will remember my army from old posts, some of you have fought against the army. The paint scheme is based upon the original plastic Imperial Guard from Rogue Trader, the infamous zebra/tiger stripe pattern on Codex Grey. Now I have not followed everything completely the same, the armour has changed and I did not like the look of metallic helmets on the Cadians nor have I gone for the multi-coloured squad markings or helmet markings. But the majority of the armour is the same, it is not the best camouflage pattern, as painting the stripes on accurately would be time consuming to the extreme…and we are talking about painting Imperial Guardsmen…which means painting a lot of them.

    As you can see I already had a base of 75+ painted figures, which is a pretty good start, but a little low when you think about Imperial Guard, I was regularly using older metal Cadian figures and tanks to augment my troops.

    The long painting war continues...


    Update as of 8 Mar 12

    Army Shot - mostly infantry

    Update as of 27 Jun 12

    Army Shot - some transports arrived

    Update as of 31 Aug 12

    Update as of 10 Nov 14

    Update as of 1 May 20

    So my PLOG changed from a refresh to an expansion as Guard lists came out and more units/vehicles were finished. While I bounce around a lot painting and converting whatever takes my fancy at the time these links could help you find specific mini-projects.

    - Veterans
    - More Veterans
    - Running Missile Launcher Team
    - Prone Heavy Bolter
    - Prone Heavy Bolter
    - Running Heavy Bolter Team
    - Converting the Valkyrie into a Vendetta and back again
    - OOP Helhound with armour skirts
    - OOP Chimera Treadheads Section
    - Treadheads Section
    - Treadheads Section Continued
    - OOP Artillery - Griffons, Hydras, Basilisks oh my
    - OOP Leman Russ and Demolisher with magnets
    - Advisors and Sergeants
    - Conscripts

    At the start of this PLOG my plastic Necromundan (Cadian) Army consisted of:
    Company Command Squad (5)
    1 Commissar
    Ogryn Squad (5)
    Platoon Command Squad (5)
    3 Infantry Squads (30)
    Platoon Command Squad (5)
    2 Infantry Squads (20)
    1 Heavy Weapon Squad (6)
    Sentinel Squadron (3)
    1 Hell Hound
    2 Leman Russ
    1 Demolisher
    1 Basilisk

    Now the army stands at:

    Company Command Squad with all the Specialists (10)
    5 Commissars
    2 Priests
    1 Primus Psyker
    Adeptus Mechanicus Squad (5)

    Ratling Squad (10)
    Storm Trooper Squad (10)
    Storm Trooper Squad (5)
    Ogryn Squad (5)

    Platoon Command Squad (5)
    4 Infantry Squads (40)
    Platoon Command Squad (5)
    4 Infantry Squads (40)
    Platoon Command Squad (5)
    4 Infantry Squads (40)
    Platoon Command Squad (5)
    4 Infantry Squads (40)
    Platoon Command Squad (5)
    4 Infantry Squads (40)
    6 Special Weapon Squads (36)
    4 Heavy Weapon Squads (24)
    4 Veteran Squads (40)
    4 Chimeras

    Fast Attack
    Sentinel Squadron (3)
    Hell Hound Squadron (2)
    1 Valkyrie/Vendetta

    Heavy Support
    2 Leman Russ
    1 Demolisher
    2 Hydra
    3 Griffon/Basilisk
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