OK, rumours floating around have the new Imperial Guard Codex allowing players to attach a main Russ Battle Tank to an Infantry Platoon.

From a gameplay point of view, it makes a deal of sense, and the argument that the designers want to promote it as the mainstay of the Guard armoured support is a valid one.

My question is this.
Do you think it would be more appropriate remaining as a Heavy Support choice as squadrons (each tank operating independently) with Demolishers and Exterminators being the choice for Infantry Support?

Demolishers are noted in the 3rd edition Codex as infantry support vehicles crewed by members of the same infantry company they are attached to, where main Russ tanks would be attached from a separate Armoured Company. Now, I like this approach, it makes a lot of sense to me, but is it time to retire that kind of thinking, and just run with the idea of the Russ being a ubiquitous vehicle for all uses and users? Over to you