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    Desert Lions SM

    Heya all, i am setting up this thread to work out my ideas on fluff and background info on the chapter of my choice, that i will use to create my space marine force.

    Desert Lions, fist quoted in the red Compendium and i have scoured the internet for additional fluff and came up with:

    The Desert Lions are a Space Marine Chapter, fighting in the Second Pacification of Isstvan V.
    Notable battles and campaigns

    * Operation Carthage (the Second Pacification of Isstvan V)

    During the campaign to retake Isstvan V, the detachment of the Desert Lions was accompanied by an attached cohort of Legio Cybernetica robots. The chapter's attack on the planet's defence forts was preceded by the cohort, which had been programmed to advance on the defences in an apparently mindless fashion. Easily destroyed by the defenders, they succeeded in mapping out the defenders' fire-plans and blind spots. When the Desert Lions launched their attack only seven Marines were lost. All surviving robots of the cohort were inducted into the chapter as honorary members as a mark of respect.

    * 1 White Dwarf 104, 1988, Imperial Robots, reprinted in Warhammer 40,000: Compendium

    Five types for different battlefield roles were described. The robots with their typical though armament loadouts were:

    * The Castellan was armed with twin power fists and a heavy bolter.
    * The Cataphract had a bolter, arm-mounted flamers and a back-mounted weapon.
    * The Colossus was armed with a bolter, had "siege hammer" arms and a back-mounted weapon.
    * The Conqueror variant had a power fist, autocannons mounted on its arms and a heavy bolter.
    * The Crusader had twin power-sword arms and a back-mounted lascannon.

    I put the robot info in here again as i intend to make several of them, seeing as the chapter still makes extensive use of them imo.

    My take on the Chapter:
    (seeing as they are still so obscure and never heard of in any fluff apart from the Compendium)
    The chapter has had a long standing of being a proud and loyal chapter, but its origins are shrouded in mystery, maybe one of the progenitor legions of chapter 2 and 11? or even one of these same chapters? or is that to high a option?

    Now, i have always thought them as coloured in Desert camo, and will use such colour and bronze/ gold to define their armour, they are specialists in siege warfare (who isn't these days ) and armoured/ robotic warfare.

    Regardless of their origin, i place this twist in their lifeline from after Operation Carthage (the Second Pacification of Isstvan V) was finished to the current time line, namely, their biggest battle barge with accompanying fleet was trapped in the warp for several 1000 millennia as if frozen in time.
    The Hole Legion on their planet was not powerful enough to keep the planet system fully secure all that time and retreated into the main planets chapter fortress and slowly dwindled into forgetfulness until no one even remembered them.
    The system they occupied was overrun by Orc (?) but the main planet was never fully settled by the greenskins in fear of the ghost stories circulating the planet and its Fortifications, so although the rest of the system is fully in the hands of greenskins at that time, the home planet was loosely populated by some smaller orc tribes and the left over humans that populated some hive cities that were servants of the Desert Lions chapter.

    Declared lost to the warp and beyond gene seed reproduction, the chapter ceased to exist in official records.
    (No one knew that a few remaining marines, all in all maybe 200 still occupied the fortress and maintained the shroud of secrecy that made them appear as ghosts to the rest on the planet).
    The fleet that was frozen in the warp was finally evicted from its hold some 1000 years after they had entered.
    They proceeded to travel on regular engine power to the home system and “invade” the planet they previously owned,. They managed with the assistance of the many robots they had onboard to kill of the majority of the orks on their home planet and when this was complete they made sure no other orks in the system knew that Nemeas III had fallen in to their hands again. They made psychic contact with the astronomican by means of their own chapters psykers, the Inquisition responded directly by sending a small cruiser with an inquisitor to the sector to investigate, and he was “assisted” by the chapter to verify it really was them and they were still pure etc.
    The Home of the Krieg Imperial regiments was not so far away, and having similar fighting styles and knowing they had cloning technology to compensate the huge losses they were to sustain they requested several regiments to assist them in clearing the home system of the orc problem (this is still ongoing, but slowly proceeding in the right direction)
    Those initial regiments were offered right to live in the system they helped clear, and of all the 9 planets now 5 are clear and being implemented for living by the Krieg Regiments
    Only about 600 marines are atm accounted for in addition to the 50 or so that were still alive when they reached their fortress. Because of the lack of manpower, they have kept using the robots extensively and have also set up a alternative program to build their own tanks and also equip the Krieg Regiments with some of their designs.
    The chapter has made trade agreements with both Accatran and Stratix as both are forge worlds and have requested huge amounts of materials and recruits for both the PDF’s and the possible new recruits for the chapter itself.
    Legio Destructor has given assistance in the form of several titan groups to cleanse the home system of the Desert Lions of the Orc threat. Also recently they have put in the claim that they wish to have the rulerrights over the planets of Isstvan III and V as they were the ones who cleansed them originally before they were stuck in the warp.(there has yet to be a ruling on this matter, but the marines are working towards the eventuality that they expect to receive all rights and own that sector as well.)

    Home planet Nemeas III,
    The planet has 2 moons, Typhon and Echidna, 4 continents with large silt seas that divide them, pocketed by mudflats, that appear at random, so do not offer any easy means of crossing the seas, 1st continent is a semi to tropical wasteland and home of the Nemean Lion, it is also the continent where the fortress resides.
    2 of the other continents are mediterranean and contain most of the population/ living area.
    The last continent is Arctic, but contains most of the heavy metals and other ores that are used, there is one hive city build there despite the volcano's and ashes that surround the continent and this is where most of the heavy industry is done regarding mining.

    Infantry consistency:
    Most infantry weaponry is plasma based, not laser, however, with the support of the forgeworlds, they are making headways in that most tanks use laser weaponry and some of the robots as well, but the infantry is still largely plasma pistols, guns and cannons.

    Fleet consistency:
    1 Battlebarge: Nemeas Leonis,
    About a dozen older Stormbirds are still in use (some in repairs, 12 atm operative), (and this might be an indicator that the chapter is very old)
    6 Strike Cruisers,
    4 Nova Escorts

    What do you all think so far of this idea? comments and critics please :chrome:
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