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    Re: Desert Lions SM

    I bumped into another site where the Desert Lions are mentioned.
    Although the article in question is full of another fanboi's trash, which I
    corrected the article upon, and for my efforts got an indefinate ban for
    by Montonius, site admin. I guess they (in their quest for truth) become
    blinded by the lies spread by another 40K fan.
    It's a real shame, as they claim they want to only mention hard fact etc.
    but their (Montonius's actions) show otherwise really.

    Desert Lions are of UNKNOWN stock really, NOT ultrasmurf stock.
    They have seemingly changed it so that Smurfs are no longer mentioned,
    but it took several(?) editings to do so.
    So in the end it seems I at least got the page corrected to an
    un-fanboi-spoiled state, which is a win at least.
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