Once more someone has started a new Codex Astartes Space Marine Chapter. I know you're all sick to death of it, but hey, I want peoples' reactions. The floor is now open to anyone who wishes to weigh in!

In the glory days of the Imperium, there was the Emperor, there were the Primarchs, and there was the Pax Imperialis. Then the foul hand of Chaos seized the Primarchs in a time of great intergalactic strife. Brother fought Brother, Legion fought Legion; blood flowed as freely as the rivers, and the great flame of Mankind guttered and wavered.
Foremost among the traitors was Horus, a favored son of the Great One Himself. Horus' mind was twisted by Chaos and with him, his legion fell. Now calling themselves the Thousand Sons- a taunt to the Emperor at the loss of a full Legion- Horus and his ilk challenged the God-Emperor Himself in battle.
Father waged war against son on Holy Terra itself, and in the clash of Titans miles upon miles of Terra's surface were ravaged. Then Horus struck a mortal blow, and the Emperor began to fall; but in the midst of his descent he was seized by a Holy wrath, and a pious determination to end the Taint, and in his fury and with the last of his strength, the Emperor slew the traitor, Horus.
But as he lay dying, the Emperor knew some of the Thousand Sons had escaped the Cleansing, and he ourned their loss. Forever would the Thousand Sons mock the Imperium... unless...
And with his dying breath, the Emperor asked his loyal Empire: "Give unto me new Sons. Cleanse the name of the Children of my Empire."
And so the Sons of Empire were born. Their temple is on Terra itself; the floors of their hallowed halls are the grounds soaked in the Emperor's life-blood. Their armor is black, perpetually mourning His loss; their details are Blue, for their Geneseeds were culled form the Ultramarines; and they wear wings of silver as badges of their positions: The Sons of Empire!

OK so I realise hat that little story was probably rife with technical inaccuracies. Please don't sue me!
I just want to gather opinions, about a few things. First and foremost, their Chapter name is the Sons of Empire (you may have figured this out already). Their insignia is a bloodred circle with three white lines passing through it from the top left quadrant to the lower right quadrant (I can post an icon at some point if anyone wants). Their armor is mostly black- the knee-plates, crotch plates, pauldron trims, and helmet crest are all done in Ultramarines Blue, and the detail patches on their armor, as well as the lower faceplate on the helmets, are done in Chainmail. For a drawback I chose 'We Stand Alone' and as a Trait chose "Counter-charge" to symbolize their Holy pride in their origins and their Divine fury at the Emperor's foes.

So....opinions? Color scheme, back story, chapter name/logo? What do you all think?
And it may be a bit late in the post to say so, but please no flaming me for playing SM or making a custom Chapter. 'K thanks!