im wantin to make a detachment for my dark eldar army of harliquins, im wanting to use them instead of elites (since they are simply wyches with 4+ inv save and better in cc)

im wanting to use a solitaire with a d field (means enemy needs a 6 to hit in cc), phase field (allows up to 3 d6 movement plus its 12 inch blitz attack will be nice), power weapon, power blade (1 extra attack) and tangle foot grenades (means enemy can only retreat 1d6 if it fails combat.

so its stats would be 6 attacks, possibly 12 if it charges a gd distance, and insta kills if it wounds.

the wargear points are 74, but im not sure whether to swap the power weapon for a harliquins kiss, harliquins kiss wounds auto on a 2+ and with the ammount of attacks it can get i guess that most units in contact with it would die fairly easily.

also a plasma grenade for enemies in cover

i also thought about swapping the plasma pistol for a shurikan pistol with explosive ammo (works like dark eldar stinger) or even a neuro disrupter (strength 8 and uses leadership of enemy to wound) which would make mincemeat of some enemies before it charges into cc.

so its points could be around 140.

thats one of 3 elite choices done lol

death jesters now, thiking of using shrieker cannons, sounds like fun and especially if an unlucky space marine messes up a savign throw, but since its a blast marker explosion it mite only affect one model , brightlances could be interesting, especially as an assualt weapon.

for a 3rd choice i mite jsut get a second solitaire or death jester unit. or possibly a normal harliquin unit, any suggestions for it?