It is now the time that the back up army for my traitors get some attention.
I have already shown some of the evil guard in the other thread, but I decided itīs worth its own thread, since it will feature tank scratch building and other stuff which would dilute the compact theme of good vs. evil.

Sooo, what to expect?
I will build an army of traitors, based on the IG codex. That means: Tanks, sentinels, prob rough riders and tons of troops.
Troops are based on Warzone models (capitol?!? the soup plate helmets)
Tanks and all mech will be scratch. And I mean scratch, apart from tracks maybe, and the odd stubber or bolter.
Havenīt decided on beasts for riders, might go for the new cold ones. Any suggestions here?

Time frame about a year or so. I will ask for tips and tricks on casting and other stuff, so those who are into this stuff, keep checking back please, I might ask for help!

As a thread start, be prepared for multi-post!

And off it goes,
five guys finished

Close up

whole squad

Another squad started