I was wondering, as I was converting my Furiso to appear more Ironclad, did GW make the current SM codex so good so that people playing BA/DA will have no reason to play there own codex so they use the SM codex rules instead?

Therefore they can just cancel out the Dark Angel and Blood Angel Codeices and cram them into the SM codex?

Think about it, Furiso's have no point because there are Iron Clads, DA have no special dreads, but are supposed to have the Mortis Pattern, which the only codex able to get anything like it is the SM codex.

Hell look at the current updated Blood Angels Codex, it had like 2 changes before it was updated, only one actually effecting the army. DA get none of the new goodies nor do the Blood Angels.

So I think GW is trying to get these two Codeices to the same state the Squats were before they were banned, making as few players possible playing them all the meanwhile they drop the banner hammer on them. This would also explain all the ignorance and lack of sufficient attention given to these codices (including BT).