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    Fifth Edition

    Hey guys, I've been busy for the past year and haven't gone to a GW store because of rl problems, but I heard on this forum that 5th ed was out. I couldn't read up on it because of the above rl problems although I had just enough time to read SOME subscriptions.
    So anyone care to enlighten me to some major changes without breaching copyright laws? *cough cough*

    EDIT: By the way, I'm a cron player so are there any changes that will affect the Necrons a lot?
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    The Emperor's Finest, I didn't write this beautiful fan-fic but it's definitely intriguing and you really should read it.
    Rise of the Tau, another story from the same author, far-fetched on purpose and not even finished yet, this epic (and by epic, I mean EPIC) is in my opinion the best that I have read.
    The Crosshair, The Destroyer and For the Greater Good two shorts once again from the same author.

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