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    Space Sharks WIP

    I have been itching to do up a Space Sharks army for a while now. I always envisioned them like WW flying aces - lots of kill markings, tooth designs on the sides of vehicles, etc.
    Cpt. Tiberius' IA is also pretty sweet, and who better to carry the deathwatch heavy bolter than a Space Shark?

    These guys won't get any paint until I am done painting my novamarines - however I wanted a very tight look to the models and began ordering bits when i saw them available eg. torsos are only the one's with tubing - SM or CSM, all with MK6 beakies, all with the older mk7 backpack, etc. And then while waiting for the hobby room in our condo to undercoat the novamarines I figured I might as well put these guys together. Pretty much all plastics so far.


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