Hello there guys!

Confused? Well dont be. Im just painting up a couple dwarfs for my dads army. Its been collecting dust for a decade or so for various reasons. But now its time to get them ready for battle!

The army consists of mostly old models wich i think is very cool. Theyre supposed to be from the dwarf port-stronghold Barak Varr(if its spelled that way, dont have the book here) and will have turqouise-blue-white as prime colors.

Im planning on using a painting-style i never used before. Or strategy i should call it. I will just paint all of them up to basic standard. That is, no highlights or shading unless theyre allready been. Bases will be done properly tho. This to have a neat painted army as quick as possible. I think it will look good on the tabletop if not looking too close. And it will be a pure joy to finish them all up on a later stage.

Allright. The first armylist im painting up for is this one:

Lord with greatweapon

24 Warriors sh, handweapon, FC
19 Longbeards Shield, handweapon, FC
12 Rangers great weapons, crossbows, shields, FC (bugmans models)
10 Crossbows, Shields
10 Thunderers, Shields
14 Hammerers, shields FC
Organ Gun

We have played with this army a couple times and it suits my dad perfect and have proven to be a very solid army against all kinds of armies without being to over the top in any area.

Anyway, heres some pics. First unit that is painted to the new standard is the warriors block with a runesmith in it.

And here is a armyshot of the whole mess.

I will post updates as it goes along and if you wonder anything just ask.